Compared to several years ago, human lifestyle nowadays is pretty different from the past. With technology being an integral part of our life, our lifestyle slowly and steadily turn into a more sedentary one. So many people prefer to eat junk foods and do less exercise because the lack of time. More people focus on working and when they finally have time to take a rest, they will choose to sleep. This kind of behavior can lead into obesity, which may cause more severe health condition, including diabetes, cardiovascular, and metabolic syndrome. Once we get sick, our performance and productivity will decrease and may affect the overall performance of our workplace. Thus, a lot of workplaces, particularly institutions and companies create their own sport team or help regular sport activities to increase the physical activities of their employee. One of the popular sport chosen by these corporates is basketball. It is very important to have custom basketball jerseys for the player to make sure they can move around easily. For those who live around Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, you can create your own custom jerseys on

As one of the recommended printing business within the area, offers various types of jerseys, not limited to custom basketball jerseys, such as football, cycling, badminton, and many more. As for the basket jersey, there are two models available, the O-neck and V-neck models. For the size, this basketball jersey maker provides XS to 5XL size. It also offers the basketball pants from Xs to 5XL size. You can choose among two types of fabric. The first one is microfiber, which is a combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex. It is very porous, breathable, stretchy, and soft, which is suitable for sports that produce a lot of sweats. The next fabric is hivetex. It has hexagonal pores and can absorb sweat very well.

To order on, you can visit their official website and go to their order menu. Choose among the product provided by this jersey maker. You can design your jersey with the simulator from the website or simply upload your ready-to-use design with png or jpg format with RGB color and 150 dpi resolution to get the best printing result. Read the order details carefully and proceed your payment as soon as possible so your order can be processed. Wait for around 10 business days and your order will be delivered.