Lombok, located in Nusa Tenggara Barat Province, is entitled as ‘Island of a thousand mosques’ since there are a lot of mosques in this island. This island has high population of Muslim. Meanwhile, Lombok is also one of the most favorite destination places in Indonesia like Bali. There are a lot of tourists come visiting this island to have a great vacation. Over a million the tourists visit this island in each year. Therefore, the government of this island makes a plan to make Lombok become Islamic tourist destination. It does not mean that only Muslim who can come to Lombok, but it means that Lombok will offer Muslim facilities easily since some of the destinations in the world do not have such this kind of Muslim facilities. There are a lot of halal resorts and halal restaurants in Lombok that you can find. Almost in all of the vacation destination sites, there are halal facilities you can enjoy. If you are a Muslim, it will be very grateful to visit this kind of place which offers you with Islamic facilities. While continuing to attract the tourists from Western who comes for the pristine beaches, this island also promotes the vacation destination sites for Middle Eastern tourists.

Lombok is blending with several towns that each of them has their own characteristic and interesting points. One of the towns in Lombok is Mataram city. You have to know this place when visiting Lombok since it is its capital city. However, Mataram city does not have numerous tourist attractions like the other tourist destinations in Lombok. Since it is a capital city, then finding a lot of things there is easy. You can find various kinds of places to stop in; for example is resort and restaurant. Mataram is full of classic markets, malls, and hotels. Everything you like to live in a city is offered here. One of the important things if you are a Muslim is finding halal restaurants in Lombok when visiting it. It will be an easy task to find halal restaurants in this city.

One place that many tourists are looking for, it is traditional halal restaurants in Lombok when you visit this island. Then, here is here is the list.

  • Dua EM Restaurants. This restaurant is a home for hungry people who are looking for the best dishes. It offers special food of Lombok, like AyamTaliwang which is most ordered menu in this restaurant. It also offers Sate Sum-Sum, Gurami Seafood, PelecingKangkung, and many other traditional dishes that you can only find it when visiting Lombok.
  • Sembilan Sembilan (99) Restaurant. It is a popular seafood restaurant which offers fresh seafood menus with reasonable prices. It does not only offer Indonesian menu style, but also Indonesian Chinese menu style like adding sour and sweet sauces, oyster, and many others. The special menu here is live crabs and lobsters.
  • Top Ten Restaurant. This large restaurant offers seafood and many other menus. The seafood menu includes squid, scallops, crabs, prawns, and fishes with a combination of different sauces. Also, it has the menu from chicken, pigeon, and beef.

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